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Terms and conditions of uploading data
Before uploading a photo or media file to our site, carefully read the following terms and conditions of use. Files deemed unsuitabe for our site will be removed from the site. Additionally, we reserve the right to remove, rename, delete or edit uploaded files, without prior notice.

As part of ongoing management of the site we may move, delete or recategorize the images contained within the database.

Uploads from owner: By uploading files to this site, you understand we may watermark or brand the images with our logo. Your copyright remains unaffected by this. If you are the owner of copyrighted material posted on this site and feel your copyright has been infringed, please inform us immediately. Although we do monitor this site, we assume all images and files are the property of the uploader. Liability for damages or claims for indemnification are not possible.

Uploads from owner/ non-owner: If you are not the owner of the images or files you are uploading, please refrain from doing so, or make sure that you have written permission from the owner to do so. We may request proof that you have permission.

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